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1. Austin Inno's The Beat Newsletter -- Stay connected with Austin's growing tech scene.

2. Built In Austin -- Another must have for the Austin tech scene. Job postings, tips & tricks, and local tech news GALORE.

3. #bossbabesATX -- Centered around self-identifying women in art and business, this organization fosters professional and personal growth through events -- meetups, workshops, you name it.

4. SXSW -- Artists, businesses, and creatives flock to Austin to be part of this festival. Subscribe for information on how to make the most out of SXSW this year!

5. Startup Digest -- Personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Austin. Curated by the Founder of Capitol Factory, Joshua Baer.

6. Medium --  Their Daily Digest is super informative and you can tailor your interests to entrepreneurships, startups, or whatever you want!

7. -- Looking to raise money for your business? breaks down the how-tos and not-tos for funding.

8. SaaS Weekly -- If SaaS is your thing, SaaS weekly sends out useful links each week for SaaS biz.

9. Remotive --   For our remote worker bees, look no further than this newsletter. Job postings and tips on remote work sent bi-weekly.

10. Design*Sponge -- What's a design blog doing on here? Design*Sponge is more than just art & design. Founder, Grace Bonney, provides advice, how-tos for creatives, and inspiration to run your own business.

11. Start up. Co -- Education, tips, thoughts from startup owners across the globe.

12. Charged Tech -- This one rounds up world wide tech news, plus really great long reads for when you're laying in your bed.

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