Guest post by GlobeKick, a community of digital professionals, who spend three months living abroad, traveling, working, and exploring different cities together. 


Get in on the game.

Many aspiring digital nomads start their career off through freelancing. It’s an awesome way to make your job mobile. You’ll connect with people who hold similar mindsets and professional goals. These attributes wind up pushing your career forward.


You gotta stand out.

There’s a lot of freelancers out there and (like most industries) it’s competitive. Let’s get you ahead of the digital mass. Let's make your dream destinations align with your workday.

Follow these steps and before ya know it - you’ll be sipping tea on a conference call in Chiang Mai while booking a mountain excursion for the weekend. unite work with adventure... Here’s what we suggest.


1. Strong Online Presence: Everything is moving digital now. By showcasing your skills, strengths, and personality online - it will make you personable and approachable. Clients will feel like they already know you just by scrolling through your website. It’s important to keep all your platforms up-to-date with every project and business endeavor. This way you’re never playing catch up.

Build a website portfolio collecting all your work. Create a LinkedIn to connect with the millions of people in your field. Make a Facebook page to encourage people to follow your blog or company updates. Turn social media into one of your best friends. It is an easy, accessible and FREE way to reach out to clients.

Be sure to present yourself in a professional, appealing manner, and you’ll be landing freelance jobs in no time.


2. Testimonials: You’ll want proof that you’re a bad-ass entrepreneur. Reach out to past clients or coworkers to write about their experience working with you. This is a crucial step to building your freelance street cred. No matter how GREAT you say you are - people are drawn to word of mouth. The more positive feedback and reviews on your professional skills - the better. It builds trust and draws people to work with you.


3. Remember - the client is ALWAYS right: Don’t hold your job too close to your heart. If the client wants an edit - do it. If they don’t like your subhead - change it. Your end goal is always to satisfy them. Be selfless with the work you produce and consistently ask yourself - would *add client name* like this?

Having said this - it’s also good to take some risks. Surprise them with some copy. See their reaction. Don’t overwhelm them with too many changes but test out different ways of doing things, so they know you’re always coming up with new ideas to build their business.

Bottom line - it’s all about THEM. Be easy to work with, and the projects will continue to deliver.


Stay Adventurous,

Your GlobeKick fam