This month, we had Keith Peterson speak about branding.

Money isn’t everything when it comes to marketing … it’s about sharing your product, genuine relationships with clients, and making sure employees are invested in your brand themselves.

If you’re feeling stuck and asking yourself … how do I define my brand?


Let’s take a step back and figure it out.


Ask yourself these five questions to define your voice.


1.  What five adjectives describe your brand?

Remember this as you build your business. These are the same adjectives your audience will pair with your company.

Think of it as your first impression.

It should transcend within your logo and brand personality. It will guide everything you do -- especially when coming up with your mission statement.


2.  What’s your company’s why?

Why did you start your company? Why should people care? Why do YOU?

Make this your company’s mission.

If you don’t understand your own why, it’s going to be hard for them to trust you and your business. People crave authenticity.


3.  What’s your value-add?

It can be hard to find your voice above all the noise, but what do you do differently than your competition? Are you cheaper, more innovative? What’s your edge?

It doesn’t have to be about the features of your product, it can be how you run your business.

Reformation, is a clothing brand focused on creating trendy clothes.

Their value-add is sustainability: everything from the energy used at factories, materials for products, their carbon footprint is focused on sustainability.

4.  What does your audience want?

Understand them -- figure out their needs, aspirations, hardships, motivations.

Try creating your ideal client. Imagine it’s a real person buying your product or service. 

Google “Marketing Avatar” and you’ll find helpful worksheets like this.

5.  Are you consistent with everything you do?

Your brand and messaging must be consistent: logo to colors to website copy to how you communicate with your audience.

Check out these 10 Most-Trusted Brands to see how they do it.

Take the time to ask yourselves these questions.

Write as much down as possible and find the core of your business.

Defining your brand is defining your business’ character and reputation.


From here, you’ll have the North Star for your business.


To help find your North Star, don’t miss our June Speaker Series event, featuring CEO/Co-Founder of Phunware, Alan S. Knitowski.