Leave the cubicle behind and pursue the lifestyle of your dreams.

As the startup world continues to shift the world of business, digital nomads continue to thrive. People are pushing the physical boundaries of the workplace to craft out careers that work for them.

It’s empowering. It’s liberating. It could be the next best thing that happens to you.

Digital nomads create start-ups. Anyone who has the courage to build a company on their own, working from their home or local cafe or library, is a digital nomad. The two lifestyles go hand-in-hand. They’re collaborative forces creating a powerful dynamic for many careers.

Why not shape a job that matches your lifestyle choice?

All we need is our passion and an internet connection to make our dreams come true.

Throw in a passport and hear our entrepreneurial souls roar.

Already half of America’s workforce spends some time working remotely. This rate is predicted to continue to increase - especially as the digital era connects and expands the workplace. Jump in on the game now, and you’ll remain one step ahead of the crowd.

Here’s why it’s working:


There are plenty of places to rest your head while working abroad.

GlobeKick offers travel packages that give you a chance to team up with like-minded people and explore the world together. They turn the entire journey to an unforgettable experience. Not only do you live in cities you’ve never seen before but you'll build relationships with every GlobeKicker in your crew.

They'll provide you with a place to sleep, relax and work from while you fully immerse yourself in the experience.


Enhance your career with the remote office spaces they provide. No need to worry about the lack of a desk, chair, and WiFi. They've got you covered. Continue pushing your goals and gaining knowledge in and out of your profession.


Choosing to be a digital nomad makes you stand out. Working as a digital nomad requires self-discipline, patience, and some serious ambition. In the competitive world we live in, being unique pays off immensely.

When trying to score clients, the skills you learned from being a digital nomad make you the type of professional that people want to hire. You’ll have interests and insights people want to hear. You’ll have a better understanding on what to focus on in your career and who to surround yourself with. You’ll have a greater idea of what you want out of your life. Your happiness will soar.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's make it happen!