Guest post by GlobeKick, a community of digital professionals, who spend three months living abroad, traveling, working, and exploring different cities together. 

Scan… Scan… Scan….

Sitting in traffic while you search through the radio. There’s a bombardment of news updates, commercials, and talking heads. That co-worker who knows your boiling points hit your soft spot today.

Twenty minutes pass and your car hasn’t moved. Plus all there is to look forward to is getting home to your leaky fridge and pay bills.

Sounds like you need to cope with post-travel blues.

It can feel mundane. Uneventful. Frustrating and monotonous.

But there are many perks. And it’s important to catch them to practice gratuity.

It’s easy to consider your home life boring after enduring a great adventure. But therein lies the challenge.

Make Life-After-Travel An Adventure.

Here’s How:

1) Share Your Stories

Create a blog.

Post your photos on social media.

Print out your photos (..retro, eh?).

Hang them up around your home.

Celebrate the time you had exploring and relish in everything you learned.

The ups. The downs. The beauty of the unknown. The adrenaline. The travel bug.

Call your mom, grandpa, best friends - let them know you’re home - share your stories - and be sure to ask what’s new with them.

Now is your opportunity to rekindle the relationships you missed while abroad.

2) List Your Home Life Perks

Each day - in the morning - write down 3 things you love about home.

The relaxation.

Sleeping in on a Sunday.

The smell of coffee brewing in the morning and cooking a homemade meal for dinner.

Make peace with boredom.

Make use of your newly allocated free time…. Which leads to the next perk of home life...

3) Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Go to random events with nobody you know. Force yourself to meet new people.

Head to that Laser Tag/ Go-Cart Racing Arena with a group of friends.

Visit museums and plan day trips to explore towns right outside your central hub.

Go to the tourist attractions in your city and meet people from around the world. Continue taking photos and pursuing exploration in your everyday life.

It’s all how you perceive things.

4) Seek A New Challenge

Pick up a hobby.

Try out that workout.

Take a painting class.

Let yourself be fearless and embrace failure- it will keep life exciting and that’s where you grow.

Sign up for the half-marathon or join a volunteer group.

Take yourself outside of your comfort zone and continue your personal journey.

5) Practice Gratuity

A lot of people can’t travel - for different reasons. Whether it’s due to finances, health, lack of time, etc - any reason is a bummer.

Be sure to practice gratefulness every day.

When you’re feeling down, remember the moments abroad that made you smile from ear-to-ear and warm your heart. Don’t wish for it back - be grateful it even happened.

All those little moments add up to a meaningful life.

6) Surround Yourself with Fellow Adventurists

Stay connected with your travel buddies.

Find groups in your hometown with people who also thrive in travel.

They’ll share their stories, and you can share yours. These friendships will also inspire your next trip.

7) Book A Flight

There’s nothing like the promise of a new journey.

It will energize you to work hard - stay focused - and keep you moving towards your next voyage.

And hey - That’s where we come in.

Contact us to get your next expedition going!

Let’s build this lifestyle we love together.

Stay Adventurous,