No matter the opportunity, Keith Peterson finds a way to improve.

He understands the human condition and utilizes those characteristics to grow companies.

People don’t connect with brands. They connect with people. 

And Peterson shares the many examples of how Red Bull and VERTS bring this insight to life.

“I got a Masters in Marketing from Red Bull,” Peterson admitted to the large group of attendees at Team Austin’s May Speaker Series at atxFACTORY.

Through his 8 year gig at Red Bull, he became well-versed in the power of field marketing and brand development and outlined his presentation with a few pillars.



He explained his philosophy on what it takes to bring in new customers. Red Bull looked back to the guerrilla marketing mindset of Founder, Phil Knight, and how he grew Nike in the early days. Knight drove to track meets to find athletes, sell shoes out of his trunk, and build authentic relationships with potential customers.

Red Bull used the same technique with their now-famous car and over-caffeinated brand ambassadors at events.

Red Bull Car.jpg

Now, VERTS hands out samples of their food through student ambassador programs.

“You have to let people try your product. If they try it, then they may love it. Believe in it. And become a fan for life.”



Opinion leaders and social media play a powerful role in building brands and their reputation. Thus, Peterson tasked his marketing team with developing an influencer campaign at VERTS. A short time later, the “Taste Buds” were born.

VERTS seeks out and creates genuine relationships with people who share the same love for food, creativity, fitness and wellness. By bringing together those who believe in their food, the power of social media spreads the word to more like-minded fans, and the rest is history.

“People don’t care about your product. They care about how it makes them feel. If you don’t inspire your customers, someone else will."



Peterson believes great companies become “the architect, the builder, and the realtor”. He explained how one employee at Red Bull was (basically) responsible for 500M can sales.

This kind of ownership reverberated through the organization. Rather than coming up with an event and hiring someone else to produce, you should focus on building internal resources to do it all. 

“Pick a path and dedicate yourself. That’s the only way to test. If you’re doing 12 things at once, it’s tricky. If you’re doing four, things get much easier”.


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