You’ve decided your home office hasn’t been offering you any inspiration.

You’re tired of working alone.

The coffee shop down the street with spotty wifi isn’t cutting it either.

So now what?

It’s time to look for the perfect coworking space.

Don’t know what a coworking space is? It’s a shared, collaborative work environment for professionals.

Some of our favorites in Austin are WeWork and ATXFactory. But there are coworking spaces all over the world.

So what exactly do you look for when you’re ready to choose?


1. Working style

At first glance, space could be great.

There’s always a lot going on -- events, high energy, free beer -- but you want to be able to know if you can work there. Are you a night owl? Can you work from the space at night, or is it only open from 9-5?

Find the working space that matches your working style.

2. Location

Place your lifestyle first.

Are there cafes you can take your clients out for coffee? Is it close to where you live? Is it in a neighborhood where there are lots of restaurants for lunch? Or near a park, if you like to take a break and go for a quick run?

You have the power to choose the office space for your business.

3. Networking opportunities

An outstanding co-working location has workshops and networking events, giving you plenty of opportunities to learn, market your business, and even find clients.

4. Bonus Perks

We’re not talking about the ping pong tables, the beer, or the free snacks.

What speed is the internet? Can you use a printer? Are there plenty of outlets for you to use? If you’re looking for space for your company -- are conference rooms easily accessible for meetings?

5. Culture & Community

The real beauty of a coworking space is that you get to surround yourself with other people every day who can inspire you. They will inspire you to create, grow, and build your business.

Look for that “vibe” that fits you. Is it the type of place you can feed off of the energy?

A supportive and energizing environment is why you left your home office in the first place.


Don’t get caught up in everything they offer -- keep it simple.

What is your favorite co-working space?