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<b style="font-size : 16px">September 25th - Happy Hour @ Haymaker from 5:30 - 8pm 

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Free Parking - Drink Specials - Tips for a Viral Crowdfunding Campaign 

<b style="font-size : 16px">How to Surpass Your Kickstarter Funding Goals by 600%

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are truly viable options now for launching a company. 

Just last quarter alone, people used Kickstarter to raise over $144 million for projects that ranged from feature-length films and industrial design products to print magazines and pop-up restaurants. 

Over 5,000 projects successfully met their funding goals. In this presentation, we'll cover simple crowdfunding tricks to get your creative endeavor off the ground.

Speaker: David Endler

Previously the CEO and co-founder of Austin-based Jumpshot, a fully automated and fun solution for solving PC frustration. 

Jumpshot launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and quickly gained momentum surpassing its original funding goal by 600%.  

The early adoption by users and follow-on attention catapulted Jumpshot to
mainstream accolades and led to an acquisition a year later by global
antivirus firm, Avast Software
 in September 2013. 

David currently leads Avast's team in Austin which is expanding and supporting
Jumpshot's technology to Avast's global user base.

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