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Team Austin Speaker Series

Topic: What Would Red Bull Do?  -- How To Market Like a Big Brand on a Small Budget

Extreme sports and adrenaline-junkies come to mind when thinking about Red Bull. 

You may think of those funny looking MINI Coopers with the big Red Bull can on the back, or Travis Pastrana, or that daredevil who Jumped from near outer space (Felix Baumgartner)... But what about that sweet elixir in a silver and blue can found the world over?

How is it we think more about what the drink represents instead of thinking about the actual product?  

And how does that type of Marketing Strategy work?  Why is it so effective?  

Well, this month we are bringing you Keith Peterson to explain all that and more!


What You Will Learn:

Join us as Keith breaks it all down. Here are some of the topics he will cover!

• Field Marketing: The Try it and Buy it Culture

• Brand Champions: Love Those Who Like You

• Culture Marketing: Market to What People Are Already Doing

• Storytelling: Create Content, Not Ads

• Customer Service: Hug Your Haters

• Be Authentic: Wear The Pants That Fit You

• Grow Up: Your Business is Changing,  Are You?



Keith Peterson

Before joining VERTS Mediterranean Grill as the Director of Marketing in 2015 (We @Team Austin absolutely love VERTS!!), Peterson worked for Red Bull for eight years in field marketing, consumer collecting, and brand management. 

He led strategic direction for Red Bull's direct-to-consumer marketing programs in the southeast.  Managed brand integration for Red Bull Stratos, Felix Baumgartner's jump from the edge of space (Deemed one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever by Forbes.)

Keith also oversaw the International integrated marketing for branded record label Red Bull Records, and it's artists (including Multiplatinum band AWOLNATION).

In his current role of VP of Marketing for VERTS, Peterson is primarily responsible for growing the VERTS brand as it emerges as a national chain and accelerating marketing programming to scale the company to 200 locations by 2020.


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