Google Fiber Space
201 Colorado Street Austin, TX

Matt McDonnell

*This Event is 100% Free - Food, Beer & Cocktails included!  

Your August Speaker is Matt McDonnell - Partner at Notley Ventures

When: Monday 08/29/2016 | 5:30pm-8:30pm 

Where: Google Fiber Space - 201 Colorado Street, Austin, TX

Who:  Matt McDonnell


Venture Capital is probably the most well-known form of equity investment. 

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the toughest to land. Television shows like “Shark Tank" have popularized the pitch process, but pitching and onboarding venture capitalists is often a long, tedious and sometimes expensive undertaking.

And the thing is.... Not Every Business is Right for Venture Capital

Find out if your business has what it takes this month with Team Austin.


You Will Learn:

• What Venture Capital is

• What type of businesses are right for Venture Capital

• When and How to prepare for a VC pitch.

• Pitfalls to avoid like the plague



• 5:30: Networking, Drinks, Food, Fun 

• 6:30: Learn From Matt McDonnell w/Q&A session

• 7:30: More Drinks, Food & Fun, this is your chance to chat about your ideas, what you learned and meet amazing people. 


About Matt McDonnell

Half a decade ago, you could find Matt McDonnell on a 30-foot sailboat full of high school students in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  For McDonnell, it was a way to teach at-risk kids to persevere through conditions that you can't control.

Austin's startup scene isn't quite as wild and unpredictable as sailing the Atlantic. But it involves the same kind of teamwork, navigating tough times and unknowns that startup founders face as they try to break through the static.

These days Matt helps lead Notley Ventures.  In less than two years Notley has developed an ecosystem of more than 50 mission-aligned portfolio businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Notley is focused on creating a family of ventures that support each other by sharing specialized services, spearheading social impact initiatives across the country, and creating organic opportunities for serendipity and growth.



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