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Our Mission

Team Austin Foundation seeks to foster greater access to technology and entrepreneurship for future leaders in underrepresented communities.

About the Scholarship Fund

The Team Austin Foundation is a501(c)(3) organization accredited by the IRS. The fund provides scholarships to code schools or design schools for low-income individuals, with a special focus on underrepresented communities in tech jobs, including women, people of color, and at-risk youth.

Through partnerships with nonprofits and government agencies, we pilot programs to create pathways for underserved populations into high-wage, 21st century, in-demand jobs in technology, business, data, and design.

Scholarship Overview

  • Fund Name: Team Austin Scholarship Fund
  • Pays For: Code Schools Tuition
  • Programs Area: Central Texas
  • Coursework: Full coursework for one program (part-time or full-time coding schools)
  • Scholarships Granted: Fall 2017 - Rolling Applications for Hack Reactor

Current Partners:

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Team Austin Scholarship, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. Citizen;
  • Reside in Travis, Hays, or Williamson County, TX;
  • Not have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, although having some college coursework is permitted;
  • Have graduated high school with a final GPA of at least 2.5; and
  • Be currently enrolled in or accepted to one of Team Austin’s following coding schools: Hack Reactor

What is the Amount of the Scholarship Award?

Recipients of the Scholarship will be awarded $7,500 toward tuition at a Hack Reactor. Team Austin will make payment directly to the Coding School, for the recipient’s benefit, toward the recipient’s tuition. Payment of the Scholarship award the Hack Reactor constitutes Team Austin’s sole and exclusive award and obligation to any recipient.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for the Scholarship, if you meet the eligibility requirements, navigate to the Hack Reactor Scholarships portal and put in your application. If you have more questions about eligibility requirements please check the FAQ. Submit all documents and complete all application requirements listed on the application page. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

When Can I Apply?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, in coordination with Hack Reactor and in alignment with Hack Reactor curriculum start dates.

The current application deadline is Feb 23rd 2018. You must submit your completed application, along with all documentation required as part of the application, by the deadline. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

How often will scholarship recipients be selected?

Selections will be made in alignment with school start dates. Team Austin will provide a limited number of scholarships every year based on the previous year’s fundraising efforts.

Who Evaluates the Applications?

1. Team Austin Review. Team Austin’s Scholarship Committee will conduct an initial review of all applications to determine compliance and completeness of each application.

2. Independent Review and Evaluation. All complete and compliant applications will be reviewed and evaluated by an Independent Committee, consisting of a panel of individuals with knowledge and experience regarding the Austin coding community and underrepresented neighborhoods within Austin.

What is the Application Evaluation Criteria?

After the Team Austin Scholarship Committee finishes its initial review, the Independent Committee will evaluate and score all complete and compliant applications, based upon the following weighted evaluations:

  • Diversity Measure - 35%
  • Financial Need – 25%
  • Scholastic performance – 20%
  • Demonstration of diligent work ethic – 10%
  • Recommendations from teachers or counselors – 10%

In the case of excessive strong candidate applications and limited funds, finalists may be selected to conduct face-to-face interviews with the Independent Committee for the selection of the final recipient.

Is There Any Other Evaluation Criteria?

Team Austin and the Independent Committee reserve the right to select recipients based upon program-specific criteria, as relevant to and in consultation with Hack Reactor.

How Many Applicants Will Be Awarded the Scholarship?

Team Austin anticipates choosing 3 Scholarship recipients per Scholarship period. The number of recipients may be adjusted at any time, based upon the number of qualified applicants and available funds.

When Will Scholarship Recipients be Notified?

Team Austin will coordinate with Hack Reactor to provide the Scholarship recipient(s) with notice of the Scholarship award prior to the beginning of Hack Reactor coursework term.

How Will the Scholarship Funds be Distributed?

Once a Scholarship recipient has been determined, the recipient and Hack Reactor will be notified of the award, and arrangements to make payments will be made on behalf of the scholarship recipient directly to the school.

If I Am a Recipient, Can I Exchange My Scholarship?

Scholarships may not be sold, transferred, or assigned and are not convertible to cash. All Scholarship funds may only be applied to the recipient’s Hack Reactor tuition.

Is Any Part of my Scholarship Application Anonymous?

No, the identity of Scholarship applicants and recipients will not be anonymous or confidential. By applying for the Scholarship, the applicant consents to Team Austin’s use of the applicant’s name, image, likeness, and biographical information in connection with the Scholarship.

What Are The Recipients’ Post-Award Commitments?

By accepting an award of the Scholarship, each recipient agrees to cooperate with Team Austin to take such action and provide such continued follow-up information as may be reasonably requested by Team Austin, in the spirit of mentorship and the goals of Team Austin.

How Will Scholarship Funds Awarded be Supervised?

1. Funds will not be distributed until Hack Reactor verifies with Team Austin that the Scholarship recipient is enrolled in Hack Reactor.

2. If a recipient fails to complete Hack Reactor coursework and withdraws before any non-refundable deadline instituted by Hack Reactor has passed, all awarded Scholarship funds will be returned to Team Austin and awarded to another applicant, using the same evaluation criteria stated herein.

3. Prior to accepting the award, each recipient must sign an agreement to repay the amount of the award in the event he/she fails to complete Hack Reactor coursework and withdraws after any non-refundable deadline instituted by Hack Reactor has passed.

4. If, after applying for the Scholarship, an applicant elects not to enroll in, or enrolls but later withdraws from, Hack Reactor, they must notify the Team Austin Scholarship and will forfeit the Scholarship funds.

5. Failure to comply with any of the terms of the Scholarship may result in forfeiture of the Scholarship.

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